Where an engine dyno measures power directly from the engine, a chassis dyno measures engine output or drivetrain output at the vehicle's drive wheels. In short, an AWD chassis dyno consists of a platform with four rollers, a braking or power absorption system, and software to calculate power output.

The chassis dyno has the ability to measure power at the drive wheels the “real world” performance of a vehicle. You can make tuning changes and test parts to find out the effects on power, as well as get the most out of performance-adders.

A chassis dyno can also give you a good idea of how efficient your drivetrain is. While a pure engine dyno is beneficial, it does not give you to-the-wheel numbers like the chassis dyno will.

Determining and perfecting the true overall performance(horsepower and torque) of a vehicle's drivetrain is where the chassis dyno really shines.

An engine dyno calculates power output directly by measuring the force (torque) required to hold a spinning engine at a set speed(rpm). The dyno software then calculates horsepower based on the torque figure and engine rpm (horsepower equals torque times engine speed, divided by 5,252). Since it measures torque directly, an engine dyno gives you the most accurate picture of how much power your engine makes.

As such, an engine dyno is the most accurate way of doing parts comparisons (cylinder head vs. cylinder head, for example) or fine-tuning an engine to extract maximum power. Other advantages of engine dynos include easy access to the engine for swapping parts and tuning, repeatability, and well-controlled testing conditions.

 Iowa's ONLY All Wheel Drive Chassis Dyno!

The All Wheel Drive(AWD) chassis dyno is the perfect answer to getting the most out of your vehicle's performance!

This SuperFlow machine will handle up to 1500HP and 200MPH. We also have professional tuner on staff to answer questions and maximize the performance of your vehicle, suited to your needs!

 Here is one of our customers Pro Charged AWD Cadillac Escalade on the dyno

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