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Alum. #10 ANtube sleeve

Availability: In Stock
Line Code: AER
Part Number: FCM3673
Related Items
AER-FCM2025 Aeroquip Alum. 45deg Male AN to Pipe -12 Hose FCM2025
AER-FBM1203 Brass Male Pipe - "A" Hose Size: -8, "B" Pipe Size: 1/2"
AER-FCM1563 #8 180¦ Alum. socketless hose end
AER-FCM1533 Aeroquip Alum. 90 deg. Socketless Hose End (-8) FCM1533
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AER-FCM2036 Aeroquip Alum 90deg Male AN to Pipe -8 Hose 1/4 FCM2036
AER-FCM2005 Aeroquip Alum. Male AN to Pipe -6 Hose 3/8"Pipe FCM2005
AER-FCM2133 Aeroquip Male Pipe Nipple 1/4" Pipe Size
AER-FCM2884 steel tee 1 4"" female pipe/#6 fla
AER-FCM1525 Aeroquip Alum 45 deg. Socketless Hose End (-12) FCM1525
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AER-FCM2521 Aeroquip Steel Male AN to Pipe -6 Hose 3/8"Pipe FCM2521
AER-FCM2074 Aeroquip Bulkhead Union (A=-10 B=-10 Dash Size) FCM2074
AER-FCM4045 Aeroquip 120 deg. Elbow Hose End (-12 Size) FCM4045
AER-FCM3514 Aluminum Crushwashers - Dash Size: -6, # Per Pkg: 4
AER-FCM2103 Aeroquip Alum Locknut -8 Dash Size (1 per pkg) FCM2103
AER-FCM2523 Aeroquip Steel Male AN to Pipe-10 Hose 3/8 Pipe FCM2523
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AER-FBU1000 StartLite hose #10
AER-FCM4084 Swivel #10 60¦ elbow hose end
AER-FCM2150 Aeroquip Alum. Female Pipe Tee 1/8"Pipe Size FCM2150
AER-FCM2049 Aeroquip Union Reducer (A=-8 B=-4 Dash Size) FCM2049
AER-FCM2041 90¦ Elbow,lum. #16 flare/1"" pip1
AER-FCM2183 Aeroquip In-Line Fuel Pressure Adapter -6 Dash
AER-FCM2532 Aeroquip Steel Male AN to Pipe-12 Hose 3/4 Pipe FCM2532
AER-FCM4033 Aeroquip 90 deg. Elbow Hose End (-8 Size) FCM4033
AER-FCM2071 Bulkhead Union - "A" Dash Size: -4, "B" Dash Size: -4
AER-FCM2015 St. alum. #,6 flare/3/4"" pipe"2
AER-FCM2192 Aeroquip Alum. Carburetor Adap. w/Female Swivel FCM2192
AER-FCM2001 Aeroquip Alum. Male AN to Pipe -4 Hose 1/8"Pipe FCM2001
AER-FCM2100 Aeroquip Alum Locknut -6 Dash Size (2 per pkg) FCM2100
AER-FCM3724 O-ring Boss Plug - Dash size: -6
AER-FCM2111 Aeroquip Carb Inlet Fitting (Fuel Pump Adapter) FCM2111
AER-FCM3823 Brass replac Ement sleeve #6
AER-FCM1515 Aeroquip Alum. Socketless Hose End (-12 Size) FCM1515
AER-FCM2283 -
AER-FCM3714 Flare Plug - Dash Size: -6
AER-FCM2799 Aeroquip 90deg. Bulkhead Union (-3 Dash Sizes) FCM2799
AER-FCM2763 Steel union#12 flare/#12 flare
AER-FCM3572 Steel JIC nut #6
AER-FBM1233 Aeroquip Brass Swivel "Female" (-8 Size)
AER-FCM3712 Brand New Aeroquip Flare Plug ( -3 Dash Size) FCM3712
AER-FCM2625 Aeroquip STL 90deg Male AN to Pipe -6 Hose 1/2 FCM2625
AER-FCM2928 "Steel #3 fl"re/3/8"" -24 inverted
AER-FBA1600 Steel Braided Hose - Size -16, Stainless steel braid
AER-FBV1000 Aeroquip Socketless Hose Blue (-10 Size) 250psi FBV1000

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